Ashley Yono



Hi, my name is Ashley Yono. I found yoga in 2014, when I happened to stumble upon a deal I found online. I thought I would just try it and see what happened, expecting another workout class I would not be good at, but I wanted to give it a shot. Sitting down for my first class, I never would have known then that my life would be forever impacted by this practice. I have always struggled with body issues and the ability to find love for myself. This practice has helped me immensely to overcome those challenges and find appreciation for my body. Yoga has been an amazing tool to help me on the road to self-trust. I wanted to spread the love that I found in my classes with others as well - that is when I started my yoga teacher training in 2016. I started teaching as soon as I graduated! I want people to be able to show up for themselves and to find that safe space on the mat. Yoga does not care what you look like, no matter your shape, size, race, sexuality, or gender. As long as you can breathe, you can join in this beautiful practice. See you on the mat!