Interested in joining our team as a desk staff or teacher? Please read through the requirements prior to application. Please submit both forms if interested in both desk and teaching at Yoga Shelter. Thank you!


Interested in working the front desk at Yoga Shelter? Apply today to join our team.

Required prior to application:

  • Taken at least five yoga classes at Yoga Shelter

  • Experience in customer service/sales related field


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Royal Oak, West Bloomfield, Grosse Pointe
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Ex: Yoga provides stress management tools you can use daily. Those tools serve useful to maintain solid relationships and find peace in stressful situations.

Teacher Application

Are you passionate about cultivating and being a part of community?

Yoga Shelter teachers:

  • Embody Yoga Shelter core values and leadership qualities

  • Are confident, professional, personable, warm, and passionate

  • Are proactive and take initiative about connecting with and cultivating community

  • Teach classes that adhere to our essential class elements and stay authentic to themselves

  • Intentionally theme, sequence, and cue to create the experience of a Yoga Shelter class

Prerequisites/requirements for application

  • Completion of a 200 hour RYT program

  • Minimum of ten classes taken with us, ideally at least once in Slow Flow, Fusion, and Vinyasa.

  • Minimum five hour hours of teaching experience. These classes can be in the form of peer feedbacks, studio or community classes. Peer feedbacks may be casual feedbacks outside of a studio setting.

  • Experience teaching yoga in a studio setting, highly recommended

  • Prepared to teach an hour long feedback class

  • CPR certification (recommended, not required)

  • Current Yoga Alliance certification (recommended, not required)

  • Independent liability insurance (required upon hiring)

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