Casey miller



Growing up on the Eastern shore of lake Michigan, my favorite place to be has always been anywhere close to a large body of water. I can remember being very intrigued by the nature and motion of water, and my fascination with it has caused me to seek out every opportunity to mimic its flowing movement in my own body. 
After the rigors of over 12 years of dance training took its toll on my physical and emotional well-being, I knew I needed to find another, more nurturing form of movement therapy. 
Developing a yoga practice over the past 7 years has not only provided me physical relief, but an outlet to consciously release trauma by building a relationship with myself - a relationship I didn’t even know could exist. 
My primary goal in my role as an instructor is to cultivate a safe and welcoming environment where every single practitioner can feel empowered to not only love themselves, but love and support one another as a member of the community as well. This practice is so special to me and I can’t wait to share it with the members of the Yoga Shelter family! 
Love & Light