Since our opening in 2004, we have learned a lot about the essential skills for yoga teachers. We are eternal students; we study, we evolve and we continuously improve.

Your 200-hour training is just the beginning.


Our six week mentorship program helps novice teachers build upon the key areas of study in our teacher training program. Over the course of your mentorship, you will build confidence, continue to develop fundamental teaching skills and learn to embrace your authentic voice as a yoga teacher.

Program perks include:

  • Eight weeks of unlimited practice at all Yoga Shelter locations

  • Access to our Southfield studio space to conduct feedbacks

  • Personalized one-on-one support with an experienced Yoga Shelter instructor

  • Individualized homework in the form of peer feedbacks, class observations, journaling, home practice and activities that best support your development and learning goals

You can expect to learn how to:

  • Establish your voice and presence as a yoga teacher

  • Develop messaging and themes

  • Confidently cue, sequence, and pace a class

  • Use lights, heat, and music to consciously curate a class environment

  • Create habits to further your personal development and continue your education as a yoga teacher and student


+ Who is this program for?

Our mentorship program is for teachers with one year or less experience who want to deepen their knowledge and refine their skills through one on one support. This program is open to those who have:

-Completed a 200 hour teacher training program

-Attended a minimum of five Yoga Shelter classes

-At least five hours of teaching experience in the form of peer feedbacks (casual teaching to your peers), studio or community classes.

+ What is the program cost?

Our mentorship program costs $800. If you graduated from Yoga Shelter teacher training, the price is $650.

+ How do I apply for the mentorship program?

Complete our application here. Admittance to the program is based on availability, preparedness, and best fit.

+ How do I complete the mentorship program?

Your mentorship concludes six weeks after you begin. Completion of our program is signified by this span of time - not a test or proficiency in a particular set of skills. We take the trust, time, and resources that teachers invest with us seriously. After completion of the program you will have the opportunity to provide feedback via an exit survey.

+ Is there any required reading for the mentorship program?

Though there is no required reading for our program we do highly suggest reading the following throughout to help round out your experience.

-Theme Weaver by Michelle Berman

-Teaching People Not Poses by Jay Fields

+ Does the mentorship program count for continuing education hours via Yoga Alliance?

Yes! If you wish for it to count towards your continuing education hours, then you must currently be registered with Yoga Alliance. If you are not registered before the start date of your mentorship, you will not be able to log any continuing education hours completed before your registration date. You can read more on the Yoga Alliance website.

+ How many hours is the mentorship program?

The mentorship program consists of approximately 40% contact hours with your mentor and 60% non-contact hours. Expect to have at least four hour long sessions with your mentor over the course of the program. In addition you can expect one hour or more of work per week in the form of personalized homework.

+ Can I begin mentorship in any Yoga Shelter format?

You will learn to teach all three of our core formats: Slow Flow, Fusion, and Vinyasa. You may begin with either Slow Flow or Vinyasa.

+ Can I choose my mentor teacher?

You may request a specific teacher or teachers in your application. Requests will be evaluated to ensure that you are paired with a mentor who will best serve your needs. We encourage you to attend plenty of classes to identify who may or may not be a good fit for you.

+ How do I apply to be a teacher at Yoga Shelter?

You may submit an online application to get started. Completion of our mentorship and/or teacher training program does not guarantee employment.