Natalie Coticchio


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The first yoga class I wandered into was at the age of 20. I walked in completely lost, full of anger, and self-hate. I signed up for a trial week and vividly remember that moment in class where everything changed. I remember crying and not understanding why but allowing the wave of emotions to run through as though it was a deep soul cleaning. I walked out completely transformed and brought the practice home with me. A mental and physical connection that later turned into a spiritual awakening for me.

Yoga has helped me to create more space in not only my body but also my heart. It was through yoga that I was able to find self-acceptance and self-love. It has taught me to simply take the time to connect with myself and to observe the thoughts in my mind. In my class I want students to learn just how much empowerment and fearlessness reside within themselves. Finding out the ‘impossible’ was in fact possible waiting to happen.

I am very happy to have become part of the Yoga Shelter Family and I look forward to flowing with you!