sadie besl



I began practicing at the Yoga Shelter in 2012, after running my first (and probably only!) marathon. I had always resisted yoga, thinking that anything where I couldn’t count up the miles wasn’t the type of exercise for me. Yet, my body, along with my mind, was exhausted and depleted, and I decided to give it a try. I discovered, of course, that yoga is so much more than a physical workout. Since then, it has helped me manage anxiety and the daily stressors of life, and allowed me to cultivate acceptance within myself. 

I decided to embark on teacher training in the summer of 2017. I wanted to learn how to provide a space for people to receive the benefits of yoga, as so many have done for me. I am honored to share in a part of your journey of growth, self-discovery, and acceptance. I look forward to practicing together!

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